Review: e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator!!


One thing you will come to learn about me is I watch Emily Noel on You Tube religiously. That being said, within the past month or so, she put up an e.l.f. Haul video on her channel, and ever since then, I have been dying to try some of the products she featured.

Obviously, one of those products was the lip exfoliator from e.l.f.! I have been wanting some kind or mask or exfoliator for my lips for quite some time, I am just not interested in shelling out the big bucks for the high end brands. Not worth it to me! I’d rather make it myself! I just don’t have the interest to do that either… hmmm..

Anyway, I finally decided to take a trip to my local Target today and peruse the e.l.f. products that it had available. I was thrilled to find the lip exfoliator hanging from the rack! I ended up purchasing it, along with the e.l.f Makeup Mist and Set, and the e.l.f. Eye Primer and Liner Sealer (reviews for both of those products coming soon!).

I got home, and immediately went to the e.l.f. You Tube channel to watch the tutorial for this product. I wanted to make sure I fully understood what it was claiming to do, and make sure there wasn’t any instructions that the packaging left out.

The video suggested you moisten your lips with warm water before exfoliating. This helps to soften up the product for maximum exfoliation, and does end up leaving some of the gritty exfoliant on your lips. It then recommend that you wipe the product off of your lips with warm water, and then finish up with a hydrating lip balm.

I followed all of these steps and ended up being more than satisfied with my purchase! My lips feel super soft with no sign of dead or dry skin anywhere, and even returned a nice rosy color to my lips! I am pretty critical when it comes to lip exfoliators. I have used high end products in the past that worked really well, I just do not want to pay the price. The e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator is right up there with some of the higher end products in my opinion! It exfoliates perfectly, leaves a little bit of a nourishing balm on your lips, and the scent (and taste) is very pleasant!

I almost forgot the best part… This product was only $3!! Whats not to love!

Great “Diva 4 Less” buy!


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