Disenchantment in these green eyes


About a month ago I got on an Almay-obsessed kick. I discovered the eyeshadow palettes designed for green eyes, and  wanted to buy the entire line. I can get a little overboard sometimes…

Either way, I was excited when I saw this eyeshadow stick for green eyes. I am constantly on the go, and would love to have an eyeshadow to stick in my purse, not worry about it breaking, and be able to apply it easily.

Unfortunately, it did not quite pan out the way I was so hoping it would. First off, it is not really that easy to apply, at least not for me. The applicator ends are too large for my eyelids and end up depositing too much product onto my lid. That is not the end of the world however, because you can always use your finger tips to apply the shadow. The biggest offense that this shadow stick perpetrates, in my opinion,  is the highlighting blue color.

I think the best way to describe it is something akin to the type of  make-up you would have gone wild for in middle school. It is frosty and almost comes off white. It is far too shiny and not at all blend-able. When you try to blend it out to keep it from looking quite so stark, it starts to streak and get spotty. There is almost nothing redeemable about it. I am not impressed!

The one up side to this product is the lovely purple color. It is highly pigmented and looks great on your eyelid. Be that as it may, what good is a shadow stick if only one color works?

In my opinion, it was a wasted 8 bucks.

From now on, no willy-nilly purchases without better research!


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